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St Marys Primary School, Killyclogher
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Developing the Catholic Faith

Our school uses the 'Grow in Love' series to develop and deepen the Catholic faith.  The Grow in Love programme contains stories, poems, art, drama and music activities all designed to help your child to learn about God.

In all things, including Religious Education, you are your child’s first and best teacher. What is done in school only complements and builds on what you do at home. That is why Grow in Love is designed to be used both in school and at home. It also provides links with the local parish community.

Your child’s Grow in Love book is laid out in such a way that there are two pages to be completed each week. Your child will do one of these in school and you are invited to do the other one with your child at home. Examples of things that you will be asked to do together include:

  • Retelling a story your child has heard in school, such as a story from the Bible, or the life story of a saint such as St Patrick.
  • Drawing or colouring a picture based on what your child has heard at school, such as the Christmas or Easter story.
  • Saying a prayer together. The words of all of the prayers that your child will learn by heart are listed in the back inside cover of their book.
  • Chatting about your child, their friends, their feelings, your family, etc. Again, this will be related to what your child has done that week in school.

Grow in Love offers you the opportunity to teach your child about the faith that you chose for them in Baptism. Here are some other simple things that you can do at home to help your child to grow in faith:

  • Create a Prayer Space in your child’s bedroom using religious articles such as a cross/crucifix, holy water, a candle, etc. Your child will have a prayer space in their classroom, so they will be familiar with this concept.
  • Place a holy water font at the front door and bless yourself as you leave the house.
  • Do acts of kindness with your child, such as donating their good quality toys and clothes to a local charity shop.
  • Make the Sign of the Cross when you pass a church.
  • Visit the church at a quiet time and chat to your child about what they see.
  • Bring your child to Mass.
  • Pray simple prayers such as the Morning/Night Prayer, Grace Before/After Meals and the Our Father/Hail Mary as a family.

The 'Grow in Love' Religious Education Programme


Our Sense of Belonging within Cappagh Parish

Our Catholic school is within Cappagh Parish.

As a school community we are spiritually led by the priests of Cappagh Parish in supporting the children's catholic faith formation. 

Our Parish's Catholic priests attend our school throughout the year in their chaplaincy role. 

Our pupils regularly attend Mass with their teachers.



'Do This in Memory of Me' Programme

In Cappagh Parish, our First Communion preparation coincides with the ‘Grow in Love’ religious education series. 

The programme is broken into three parts:

  1. ‘Called and Chosen’: our baptismal anointing as priests, prophets, and kings, calls us to pray, to proclaim the Good News, and to serve our brothers and sisters.
  2. ‘Choices’: the choices we make can strengthen or damage our relationship with God and/or with one another, but God’s love for us is unchanging, and so, in His mercy, He calls us to repentance.
  3. ‘Communion’: in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ gives Himself entirely to us and invites us to give ourselves entirely to Him. In this Sacrament we become one with God and with one another in the communion of saints.

From the end of November until the beginning of June a series of ‘Do This In Memory Of Me’ Masses are celebrated in Christ the King Church.  

In preparation for these Masses, children are asked to complete various activities to help them consider the theme for each Mass.

Our pupils take their work home, explain the activity to their parents and then bring it to Mass where their work is presented to the priest during Mass, before being displayed in the Church.