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St Marys Primary School, Killyclogher

School Council

Each year in St. Mary's, pupils elect representatives to form a School Council. 

In this school year, our School Council members are:

Conor, Aine, Eoin, Darcey, Ruairi, Ella, Edie, Ollie, Cohen, Aimee, Ben, Aoife, Bronagh, Tom, Eliza and Pascal.


School Council Objectives:

  • To enable all children to have active participation in their education
  • To build on and improve the strong sense of school community
  • To develop skills for adult life
  • To enhance the ability to make a difference
  • To learn from an early age to balance their rights as individuals to their responsibilities to others

An Effective School Council

An effective School Council should:

  • Develop ways to share information with peers on issues that are of concern, e.g. school meals, voluntary work, bullying issues
  • Feed into the school curriculum, e.g. PDMU
  • Help make decisions on school organisation, e.g. canteen, playground, community involvement
  • Highlight and solve real issues in our school
  • Award certificates for citizenship and improving the spirit of the school
  • Raise awareness of and provide a forum for discussion about school policies and priorities 
  • Develop pupil welfare initiatives to work towards improving the physical and social environment of the school
  • Organise social activities for pupils, e.g. discos, sporting, fundraising and competitive events for specific purposes
  • Develop a support programme for younger pupils
  • Improve the school environment to have happier learners.

Pupil Voice in our School

Here at St. Mary's Primary School, we provide as many opportunities as possible for our pupils to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being.

We have ways that pupils can do this formally, e.g. pupil questionnaires or School Council. However, we also promote an ethos that allows pupils to regularly share their opinions in an informal way in class, for example through Circle Time, Worry Box, Suggestion Box etc.

School Council

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